Dhaba Dal – Mixed Lentils

A very happy new year to all of you from veggie zest. I have been MIA for a little bit now, mostly because of work and also because its been insanely cold in Delhi.… Continue reading

Assorted Bagels

I’ve been dreaming bagels recently. One of my favorite places for bagels was Einstein Bros Bagel – just really loved their selections and combinations of bagels. The only thing I didn’t like about… Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Wreath Bread

Just in time for the festive season….here is a recipe for a beautiful bread which inspite of looking intimidating is actually very easy to make. There are quite a few steps involved and a… Continue reading

Gua Bao with Mushrooms and Pickled Veggies

Here is the sandwich recipe withe the buns I made in the previous post. Unlike the regular sandwiches, the bread in this is steamed so the feel of this sandwich is much smoother, softer… Continue reading

Gua Bao or Chinese Steamed Buns

During my stay in Toronto, I ate a lot of…..A LOT OF food out. Not because I didn’t have an access to a kitchen or  I didn’t have the time to cook – but… Continue reading

Wasabi and Chocolate Muffins

There has been a long gap since my last post. Reason – a change in location…again! I have moved from Pondicherry to the city of Gurgaon. Gurgaon is a complete opposite of Pondicherry.… Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Country Inn & Suites, Gurgaon

During one of my recent stay in a hotel in Gurgaon where my husband was staying for over 2 weeks already (for work) I had the opportunity to enter the professional kitchen and… Continue reading

Coke Float with Shaved Coke Ice

A  classic and a childhood favorite! I share my favorite summer drink recipe with slight new additions (like shaved coke ice and sweetened condensed milk drizzle on top of the float) today. I remember… Continue reading

Beer Marinated Portobella Mushroom Banh Mi

I was contacted to do a post for a recipe with Sam Adams beer and I instantly said yes because I have never cooked with beer and also because it was an opportunity… Continue reading

Strawberry Trifle

Past couple of weeks have been extremely crazy and filled with unexpected events – not really unexpected, more like untimely. I am sitting in a friend’s kitchen in Toronto as I type this… Continue reading