Tomato, Onion & Ricotta Tart

I tried making a tart for the first time and was certainly pleased with the result. I almost had a heart-attack thinking about the amount of butter that goes into the dough. But later on… Continue reading

Chocolate Croissant Pudding

I spent past few days in Auroville, house sitting for a friend. She has a beautiful house right in the middle of the woods.  It was so relaxing to be there; we would… Continue reading

Lettuce Wraps

Bankim and I are house sitting for a friend during the coming week. Its a cute house in the middle of the wild. Lots of adventure coming up — mostly for me, because… Continue reading

Sorbet – Pomegranate and Strawberry

Sorbets are here!! Sorbet is my answer to this scorching heat and hot air this year. Pick up your favorite fruit and turn them into these icy cool, vibrant sweet treats. They are… Continue reading


As many of you may have read in the “about me” section, I lived in Kuwait for a few years and had the opportunity to taste some authentic Arabic food. Out of all, hummus… Continue reading


There is a restaurant in Pondicherry – Don Giovanni – its located on a rooftop and run by and Italian guy who has been living in India for over twenty years now. A… Continue reading

Cabbage Rolls

I am so happy to announce that my recipe for Patatas Bravas is being featured on Foodista under “blog of the day”! It will be up for 24 hours on May 20, 2012… Continue reading

Green Pizza

As the name suggests this pizza is green…its a beautiful green colored pizza. I used whole wheat flour for the dough and mixed in a puree of 3 different greens. Spinach + Mustard… Continue reading

Patatas Bravas and Fruity Sangria

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! The best patatas bravas that I have ever tasted was at Ceviche  (Orlando). I miss that restaurant, I miss Orlando! We would order a pitcher of Sangria and a… Continue reading


I am overjoyed by receiving such a huge positive response by all you wonderful people!  Thank you, thank you so  much for sharing your thoughts and I am so happy that you liked my recipes… Continue reading