Roti John

The last recipe in the Asian series is Roti John. After much research, thinking and disregarding obvious choices – noodles, fried rice etc. I picked this street food from Singapore for two reasons.… Continue reading


Next in the Asian series is Lumpia. Lumpia is a dish from the Philippines that is very similar to egg rolls in America and spring rolls in India and other Asian countries. Growing… Continue reading

Udon Noodles

I have never made any kind of pasta or noodle from scratch before, but after this experience I am definitely willing to experiment some more. These noodles are incredibly easy to make, in fact… Continue reading

Rice Noodle Salad

This noodle salad is probably the quickest, easiest and the healthiest recipe you can make from the Asian cuisine. Its loaded with fresh flavors and can be put together in a jiffy. A… Continue reading

Tofu Satay

In my chicken eating days, satay used to be something that I really enjoyed eating. Even today, if it came in front of me, I will need a little bit of self control to… Continue reading

Three Mushroom Potstickers

There is nothing as delicious as a fresh, homemade potsticker. These babies are so easy to make that you wont go back to eating potstickers at a restaurant again. I have not explained… Continue reading

Kimchi and Kimchi Pancakes

My recent favorite is Korean food. I love the fact that it comes with so many side dishes. For the longest time I had a perception that Korean cuisine was all very spicy dishes… Continue reading


The second recipe under Vegetarian Asian food is Laksa. A yummy, spicy coconut base soup served with noodles and many other toppings. You can find Laksa in Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine and… Continue reading

Nasi Goreng

I am going to feature dishes from various Asian countries on Veggie Zest. The reason behind it is nothing more than my personal liking for Asian food. Of course some countries have more vegetarian… Continue reading

Tapioca Pudding with Pomegranate Curd

I am really beginning to like tapioca pearls. It has always existed in the Indian cuisine and is consumed both in sweet and savory form. I have done a recipe with tapioca pearls… Continue reading