Brownies a la Mode Popsicle

One more popsicle recipe before the summers are over! This one is a take on an ice cream I like – brownies a la mode. This recipe is a hybrid of brownies a la… Continue reading

Fattoush Salad {vegan}

  With the summer at its peak – its being a challenge stepping into the kitchen cooking with heat these days. I want quick meals where I don’t have to spend too much time… Continue reading

One Pot Paneer Makhni

Paneer Makhni is the most beloved dish by every vegetarian in India. Its no surprise that it has gained so much popularity out of India as well. I grew up eating it pretty… Continue reading

Tandoori Cauliflower Tacos

This post is a sequel to my tandoori cauliflower recipe which a lot of you really liked. Like I mentioned in that post – if you run of ideas of how to use… Continue reading

Tandoori Cauliflower Head

I am a little late to get on the cauliflower bandwagon….but considering how popular the vegetable still is, I think I came up with this recipe just in time. This cauliflower has Indian… Continue reading

Vegan Ramen (Noodle Soup)

I have been trying my hands on making ramen at home for sometime now. With a few failed attempts I finally made a recipe that I was happy with. This recipe is like… Continue reading

Eggplant & Zucchini Pizza

I almost want to call this recipe Instagram Pizza! About a week ago I was experimenting with a flatbread recipe which didn’t quiet turn out to be the way I wanted it to… Continue reading

Cherry Garcia Popsicle

Cherry Garcia has to be the most famous & liked flavor in ice creams. I like it too. As we go deep into the HEAT of summers in Vancouver {pft…smirks} ……lets just say… Continue reading

Vancouver Food Trucks Roundup#1

SO here is a post about all the food trucks you see lingering around the streets of Vancouver. This is the first roundup of some of the trucks – I have listed four… Continue reading

Basic Dal

Disclaimer: This post has a somewhat ranting tone but does not mean to offend anybody and only expresses my views, observation and opinion. Upon my return to North America (from India), I have… Continue reading