Vegan Ramen (Noodle Soup)

I have been trying my hands on making ramen at home for sometime now. With a few failed attempts I finally made a recipe that I was happy with. This recipe is like… Continue reading

Eggplant & Zucchini Pizza

I almost want to call this recipe Instagram Pizza! About a week ago I was experimenting with a flatbread recipe which didn’t quiet turn out to be the way I wanted it to… Continue reading

Cherry Garcia Popsicle

Cherry Garcia has to be the most famous & liked flavor in ice creams. I like it too. As we go deep into the HEAT of summers in Vancouver {pft…smirks} ……lets just say… Continue reading

Vancouver Food Trucks Roundup#1

SO here is a post about all the food trucks you see lingering around the streets of Vancouver. This is the first roundup of some of the trucks – I have listed four… Continue reading

Basic Dal

Disclaimer: This post has a somewhat ranting tone but does not mean to offend anybody and only expresses my views, observation and opinion. Upon my return to North America (from India), I have… Continue reading

Chickpea Patty Gyro

Another perfect recipe for the summer months when you are outside barbecuing or in a park for a picnic. These chickpea patty gyros are a great option for lunch and is a balanced… Continue reading

Spicy Black Bean Sliders

Today’s recipe is just in time for Canada Day & July 4th. Its a little something that my vegetarian and vegan friends can make and enjoy while not having to rely on the crappy… Continue reading

Egg Curry & Gozleme

Egg curry can be categorized under comfort food for sure. You will find many variations  of this dish if you move around in India….also every household has a different recipe. This recipe is a combination… Continue reading

Lemongrass Tofu Banh-Mi

My newest most favorite food is lemongrass tofu banh-mi and the Vietnamese dessert drink Che. There is this restaurant here where I usually go to get my weekly fix but this time I… Continue reading

Curried Sweet Potato Gnocchi

This time of the year is so wonderful – its my first spring and summer in Vancouver and the weather here is so different from all the other places I’ve lived so far.… Continue reading