I am overjoyed by receiving such a huge positive response by all you wonderful people!  Thank you, thank you so  much for sharing your thoughts and I am so happy that you liked my recipes and photography.

Thank you word press for featuring my coconut custard recipe on freshly pressed.

I have been making bruschetta for so long now that I cant even remember! It has to be one of my favorite dishes.

I have tried it at so many places and with so many variations- baguette smeared with pesto, sometimes mayonnaise, tomatoes cooked or in a form of puree with onions, sweetened balsamic, olive oil infused with basil etc. etc.

But Bankim and I both agree that it tastes the best when you keep it simple and basic. Some things are supposed to be just that…simple and basic!

I use a french baguette for this recipe, sliced, slightly toasted with some olive oil. Rubbed with a garlic clove while the slices are still warm.

I have always used a baguette for my bruschetta but you can try with other breads like ciabatta or a sour dough bread, but again I feel…when a recipe asks for such less number of  ingredients– it becomes important to not substitute them with something similar.

There is no harm in trying though.

It is important to serve it right away because it does turn all chewy and soggy if you keep it for more that 30 minutes.

Toast the bread and assemble when you are ready to eat it.

Makes about 10 bruschettas

Cooking time 30 min

Things you will need:

1/2 french baguette

4 big size  tomatoes (vine if possible), make sure they are hard and not very juicy

1 1/2 tbs good quality extra virgin olive oil, a little more for drizzling on the baguette

4 cloves of garlic

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

handful of fresh basil leaves

2 tsp sugar


Make two slits at the bottom of the tomatoes (in an “x” shape). Blanch the tomatoes in hot water for 5 min (covered). Put in a bowl of cold water– you want to remove the skin from the tomato. After removing the skin, de-seed the tomatoes with the help of a spoon (try not to squish them too much). Chop into small bite size dices. Finely chop 2 cloves of garlic, add to the tomatoes. Tear the basil leaves and add to the tomatoes. Add salt, sugar and balsamic vinegar, olive oil and mix well.Keep aside.

Lightly toast the baguette slices (in the oven or on a pan), drizzle some olive oil on the slices and rub with a garlic clove while they are warm.  Arrange the baguette slices in the serving dish and spoon a generous amount of tomato mixture with some liquid (by now the tomatoes would have released some liquid- stir it to mix with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar). Serve warm. Enjoy!