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Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Chocolate Pots

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Curried Winter Veggie Bowl

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Paneer Pakora & Boozy Chai

Roasted Squash and Peas Risotto

Most people know how to make risotto now. Thanks to all the Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver videos on Youtube, it no longer feels intimidating. I have made it a couple of times… Continue reading

Warm Rapini & Potato Salad

I see leaves on the ground in the morning and cool breeze taking over the morning warmth – this could mean one thing, fall is approaching slowly and I love it. This summer… Continue reading

Brownies a la Mode Popsicle

One more popsicle recipe before the summers are over! This one is a take on an ice cream I like – brownies a la mode. This recipe is a hybrid of brownies a la… Continue reading

One Pot Paneer Makhni

Paneer Makhni is the most beloved dish by every vegetarian in India. Its no surprise that it has gained so much popularity out of India as well. I grew up eating it pretty… Continue reading