Beet Borscht & Potato Salad

As I have mentioned here many times that its really really hot in Pondicherry (today’s temperature: about a 100F) I am constantly looking for food that cools down the body and is nourishing at the same time.

Today I have two recipes – for a soup and a salad that are served cold and taste very fresh and flavorful. The recipe is really quick and easy to make as well!

I had the beet borscht for the first time in NY a few years back in a  Ukrainian restaurant. They served it with a slice of a rustic bread and some hard boiled eggs. I remember being so fascinated with the color and the flavor of the soup, I had never tasted something so unique before.

Ever since my trip to that restaurant I have been searching for the recipe of that soup, and only recently found one that looked closest to what I ate. This beet borscht recipe is from “The Moosewood Cookbook” by Mollie Katzen that was published in1977. They have a restaurant with the same name in Ithaca, NY.

Borscht has such fresh and soothing flavors from the beetroot, cucumber and buttermilk. I couldn’t find any dill so I had to skip it, but I can only imagine it enhancing the freshness of the soup.

The potato salad is a healthier take on the regular potato salad with some other twists. I used a cup of plain yogurt instead of the mayonnaise and added some sour cream to make the dressing. You can use the fat free variety of the sour cream to reduce the calories some more.  I also added some chopped up fresh mint in the dressing which really added a lot of flavor to the salad.

The salad and the soup together makes a nice and nutritious meal that will cool your body down in this heat.

It is so important to stay hydrated and nourish your body with healthy food options that are less in fat. Enjoy these recipes to beat the heat this summer!