Buttermilk, Cornmeal Pancakes with Corn Salsa

Past week was extremely demanding (emotionally & physically) and as we approach the weekend – this light and colorful recipe comes as a  much welcomed relief .

I just love how sunny this dish looks. It is light in flavor yet quiet filling.  The corn salsa just takes the pancakes to a different level, the combination of flavors are very satisfactory.

I am a big fan of cornmeal, specially when its used under a bread or pizza….I just love the texture it gives to the bread. This recipe however uses it in a completely different way. I softened the cornmeal by soaking it in some warm water – it also tones down on its texture a little bit.

When I made this recipe for the first time (to test it) I had used eggs in the batter and didn’t quiet like the whole egg-ish flavor when I ate them the second day, also since I had used the cornmeal without soaking it….the pancakes became quiet chewy the next day.

The corn salsa is such a simple and quick recipe but is LOADED with a lot of flavor.

I have made it many times (actually almost every time) when we have a party and have got compliments non-stop.

You must…must try it once, I insist on you getting a bag of frozen corn kernels right away (if you don’t have one in your freezer) and make the salsa as soon as you read this! 🙂

I made some sour cream at home and realized that its really easy to make, the process is the same as making yogurt.

I mixed in some adobo sauce in the sour cream before dolloping it on the pancake. The adobo enhanced the flavor of the dish by adding a nice smoke and a little heat. It is totally optional to add the adobo, if you don’t like the heat you can skip it and use the plain sour cream instead…that will taste delicious too.