Cream Popsicle with Fig Sauce

Just a little detour from the salad month,I have been after my mom to share this recipe with me as it is one of my favorite frozen treats. I had to make it as soon as she gave it to me– I know I blew up my resolution of healthy salads for a month..but it is sooo hot and this is sooo yummy!

Another reason for making this was also that there are fresh figs everywhere in the market and its tough  to give such a beautiful looking fruit a pass. I used both fresh as well as dried figs. I chopped up all the dried figs  and mixed in the cream mixture before freezing and made a sauce out of the fresh ones and also mixed it with the cream mixture. the fresh fig sauce gave the cream mixture a very delicate flavor and texture.. so delicious!

Traditionally this recipe is called kulfi in India and as a kid I have actually had it from a street vendor… a lot like the ice cream truck. There is a whole lot of flavors that a kulfi is available in…pistachio, mango, saffron and its actually very uncommon to make it with figs….so even if you know how to make kulfi already, you will HAVE to give this a try  to see how the flavors blend together to form such a delicious treat.


Its perfect for this hot season- its frozen and the dairy keeps you body cool anyway and provides you with a lot of calcium. I added fresh fruit to it, that makes it more nutritious. Dried figs are very rich in fiber, copper, manganese, potassium and calcium and is a great natural laxative. There are more reasons to eat this dessert than to not eat. Enjoy it this summer!

makes around 12 popsicle (shot glass size)
preparation time 20 min 
Things you will need
200 ml condensed milk
300 ml thick cream
8 medium size fresh figs
Around 15 to 20 dried figs, chopped-up
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Mash the fresh figs with a fork and in a saucepan heat up with the sugar (on medium high) for about 5 minutes- till sugar are dissolved completely and the fig turn soft. Turn off the heat, let cool and pulse it in a blender a few times till it turns into a smooth sauce.
In a blender mix cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract- blend for a 2 min. pour in a plastic container, put a lid and freeze for two hours. Take out from the freezer, churn in the blender again for a minute and transfer back into the plastic container. Mix in the chopped up figs with a spoon. I did two variations of the popsicles- I divided the mixture into two parts and mixed in a little more than half of the fig sauce in one part and left the other half plain. With the plain half, pour the a spoonful of the fig sauce first into the shot glass or popsicle mould (whatever you are using) and then pour the cream and dried fig mixture whereas with the cream mixture with the fig sauce mixed in it- simply pour the mixture into the glasses. Freeze for sometime before inserting and ice cream stick if using shot glasses. Unmold upon freezing and enjoy on a hot summer day!