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Chickpea Tofu

Homemade Soy Milk & Tofu

My first attempt at making homemade tofu – it was tedious but exciting. In the process of making tofu, you also get fresh soy milk. It definitely helps and speeds up the process… Continue reading

Khao Suey

I just love recipes like these – easy to make, full of fresh flavors and healthy at the same time. Khao Suey originates from the Burmese and Thai border and probably has a… Continue reading

Vegan Malai Kofta

This recipe is a bit time consuming but with a little bit of  preparation you can speed up the process. Just like any other Indian dish, it needs a lot of cooking time… Continue reading

Lettuce Wraps

Bankim and I are house sitting for a friend during the coming week. Its a cute house in the middle of the wild. Lots of adventure coming up — mostly for me, because… Continue reading

Gado Gado

Gado Gado is a dish from Indonesia which can be classified as a salad. It is really really healthy and full of nutrition…not to mention delicious! My neighbor was born and raised in… Continue reading

Chili Tofu Tortillas

This recipe is an inspiration from Vegetarian Bible by Nicola Graimes & Fiona Biggs. What atrracted me the most in this recipe was the combination of flavors because I have mostly imagined and seen tofu with asian flavors- soy… Continue reading

Quinoa Salad

These past few weeks have been crazy busy and fun with family visiting, making trips to Miami, going to the amusement parks and eating food from outside. I saw the new Harry Potter ride… Continue reading