Vancouver Food Trucks Roundup#1

SO here is a post about all the food trucks you see lingering around the streets of Vancouver. This is the first roundup of some of the trucks – I have listed four of them with vegetarian options. Over a period of time I am going to do more posts with food trucks. Hope you like these!

Holi Masala

Name: Holi Masala

Location: At the intersection of W Georgia & Seymour

Timings & Days: M to F 11 AM to 2:30 PM

The moment you approach this truck, you hear Bollywood music…a very home away from home feel for all the Indians. Also entertaining for Bollywood music enthusiasts. Their food is Indian street food meets fusion meets some staple dishes. All in all authentic dishes with a slight contemporary take on it. Some of the best selling vegetarian items from their menu are Vada Pav Slider (featured in the shot above), Samosa chaat and all the veg curries. They have a great selection of vegan and vegetarian options with generous portions. I had the Vada Pav Slider with Masala Fries – the patty was a tad spicy for my liking but overall the slider had balanced flavors from tamarind chutney and cilantro + mint chutney with crunch from some chopped onions and other veggies. I might try one their curries over rice the next time. I recommend you give this truck a try for you will get to eat dishes that are generally not served in a restaurant. Holi Masala has a touch of Indian street food which is rare outside of India.

Kaboom Box

Name: The Kaboom Box

Location: W Georgia, @ Vancouver City Center Train Station

Timings & Days: M to F 11 AM to 3 PM

The Kaboom Box was the first truck that I had food from in Vancouver. The first time we ate from there, before ordering my husband and I were eyeing the menu to check out any vegetarian options – and a girl standing in the queue of lunch rush suggested we try the veggie burger and how she loved it. So we took her advise and ordered it with a side of fries…and it was really good. I love the combination of the coleslaw and the flavors inside of the burger. It just all really works together. The Kaboom box has been around for a while so chances are that Vancouverites know about them already – but I wanted to suggest the veggie burger for those who haven’t tried it yet. Other than veggie burger they also have a salad and poutine for vegetarians….if you are into that stuff. I just go to them for their burger which is quite flavorful.

Chouchou Crepe

Name: Chouchou Crepes

Location: Water & Abbott

Timings & Days: M to F 11 AM to 3 PM

Oh what a charming lady!! I had such a nice time chit chatting with her about her truck and her life. I went to her after eating lunch and my instant choice of crepe was chocolate and banana ( I always order that crepe anywhere I go) and while she was making it I started asking her questions about which one was her favorite and then she made me this crepe with caramel and grand marnier saying that’s her favorite because she makes the caramel herself and because it was simple and delicious — she was right! Its the Mr. Chouchou crepe on the menu. He savory crepes are delicious too and she says that people buy all of them and she couldn’t really pick one bestselling crepe for me. So I guess you pick the one that speaks to you. I love her truck – its so cute and very different from the rest of them. She is the only truck selling crepes in Vancouver because in her own words “she killed all her competition” 🙂  So I suggest you go one afternoon and check the crepes out!

Chickpea Truck

Name: Chickpea Truck

Location: 884 W Cordova St

Timings & Days: M to F 11 AM to 3 PM

I was so happy to see an all vegetarian food truck that serves good food and not all the imitation meat stuff. Chickpea Truck makes delicious food with Middle Eastern flavors and since I am a big fan of that cuisine, there was no doubt that I loved their food and generous servings. I ordered a Kasum (with hummus plate) and my order came as a bed of hummus loaded with crispy fried cauliflower (similar to cauliflower tempura), a salad, a hard boiled egg and a pita. It was really good and I really thought it was well seasoned, balanced in taste and pretty filling. The location where they stand is also nice…you can order you food and eat near the waterfront. I also ordered a porcupine cookie, which I thought was really messy to eat as the moment you bite into it the crispy stuff that the cookie is made out of goes flying everywhere. It was good in taste but I wouldn’t order it again because I don’t like eating messy food. I am going back to them again and again for sure. They are around at few other locations at other timings. Check out their website to find a location that’s more convenient to you.