Wholewheat Focaccia with Pesto & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I am a HUGE bread lover! So is my dad and so is my sister…its somewhat genetic. I go to restaurants that serve complimentary bread with dips and oil and embarrassingly so wipe out… Continue reading

Apple Butter Cake

  The summers are back…and it has started getting very very hot – which means I am sweating while cooking and taking photographs. On a happier note the market is soon going to… Continue reading

Patates Au Vin

So I’ve been living in Pondicherry for 3 years now and this will be the first classic French dish that I have tried making -shame! I ate coq au vin a year ago –… Continue reading

Jackfruit Pilaf in a Clay Pot

Okay, some more jackfruit recipe – because you guys seemed to get very excited to learn about this exotic fruit and also because I might happen to have some leftover fruit from the… Continue reading

Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruit is one of those exotic tropical fruits that only grows in specific parts of the world and is not too popular. Its available everywhere but grows only at a few regions. India… Continue reading

Orange & Olive Oil Muffin {Gluten Free}

These muffins are absolutely delicious and healthy! Allergic to gluten or not, you should try this recipe at-least once. I honestly feel that when you take essentials like flour out of baking it… Continue reading

Butter & Sugar {leftover} Baguettes

What do you do when you have heaps of leftover bread from a party. Friday was my husband’s birthday and we threw a big party at home. I baked him a cake –… Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread with Muesli

Yet another successful bread making day! A simple and quick recipe that does not need tricky proofing or laborious kneading. Its as easy as putting a scone batter together. You knead the bread… Continue reading

Cucumber & Lavender Lemonade

Now, I am sensitive about the fact that today’s recipe might not feel appropriate with the polar vortex madness….but where I live, its really starting to get hot……..and its also hot in Australia.… Continue reading

Pineapple Fried Rice

My recent trip to North East India and Singapore has left me inspired with many noodles and rice recipes. In Singapore I had some best tofu and bean-curd stir fry.  The quality of… Continue reading