Dal Makhni

Dal Makni has to be one of THE famous dish from the Indian cuisine….it literally translates to buttered lentils and it actually does live up to its name. Black lentils soaked in water overnight and… Continue reading

Rosti with Mushroom Ragout

Rosti is a Swiss dish and is very similar to a hash brown. I mixed grated potato with some seasoning & flour and made big size pancakes out of it. Making the Rosti part actually… Continue reading

Tomato Basil Soup

This is a basic soup recipe that I make on days when we (my husband and I) want something light for dinner. It has a thick consistency and a beautiful texture and color.… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Herb Crepe with Garlic Cream

I would have to say that crepes are my favorite out the french cuisine…pastries are another story though. As I mentioned in my earlier post Pondicherry has a huge French influence so the entire city… Continue reading

Shahi Toast

The dessert I made this time is a spin on a very popular classic dessert from India- shahi toast. Its an eggless dessert that is a combination of fried golden brown bread (beautiful) dipped… Continue reading

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate lava cake is probably one of the most popular dessert and I can see why- it is soo rich and good! The molten chocolate in the center that oozes out as soon as you bite into… Continue reading

Roasted Pepper Crostini

  After living in the US for a,most 10 years, my husband and I left our jobs in Florida and moved to Pondicherry, India in late 2012 and have now started our own… Continue reading

Yogurt Kebabs

After weeks of packing, anxiety, excitement and 22 hours of journey by air- I am now in India, my hometown that I have been missing for all these years.  My trip started with madness… Continue reading

Panna Cotta with Spiced Berries and Orange Tea Sauce

I am a Tea lover! Drinking tea or chai is a big part of Indian culture, its a celebration in a way. Growing up, drinking at least 3 cups of aromatic tea (over a span of 3 to… Continue reading


One of my favorite Lebanese dish that is sadly not available everywhere. I lived and worked in Kuwait for 3 years and was introduced to a lot of middle eastern food at that time.… Continue reading