Momofuku Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake


So, it was my birthday yesterday and I have been eyeing this milkbar layered cake on the internet for sometime. I had been waiting for an occasion to make it and I thought I will do it for my birthday. Since I havent had the chance to taste the real thing – I can only express my opinion based on how my recipe turned out. This cake tastes like a moist vanilla cake with a little extra. The cookie crumb add an interesting texture to the cake and the sprinkle although don’t really add much to the flavor, compensate by adding a lot of color and makes the cake look so much fun! I went a little liberal with the frosting and covered the cake completely with it. The original recipe is a naked cake but I wanted to frost the cake completely – my birthday, my cake, I cover it all with frosting!

I pretty much followed their recipe for it (as posted on Bon Appetit Magazine) except I replaced the vegetable shortening with butter. I am not sure how much of a difference did that make in terms of texture as I have not tasted the original Momofuku Milkbar Birthday Cake. Also, I didn’t bake the cake as a sheet cake and instead baked it in two 6 inch round tins. This way you get 4 layers and can build a taller cake. I did like the flavors overall but for me its still a vanilla cake eventually. If you like vanilla then you will love it!





Serving a 6″ Cake

Recipe Link Here